“We’re winning reader’s interest with entertaining stories providing an escape into a world of heartfelt and mystifying emotions. Elevation Book Publishing focuses on quality fiction and self-help novels, elevating authors to a global market.” 

Established in 2015, Elevation Book Publishing is a full service traditional publisher: editing, graphic artist, printing, and marketing. We distribute eBooks and books in print for widespread availability.  Elevation Book Publishing, mission is to push talented writers and books to the top. We are focused to create partnerships with authors, editors, graphic artists, and others to accelerate time to market. We are primed and pointed to achieve a successful run in publishing. How? By understanding how to get the story to print, and then to get the product into the hands of readers. We have proven a concept and we're excited to execute our method.

The Art of Publishing

Elevation Book Publishing is a vanity publisher. We assist authors with their dream and desire to rocket into the publishing world. What makes us unique? 

We fill a void amongst writers, looking for honest people who understand their struggle. We support all aspects of the publishing process, utilizing technology and employing professional effective techniques to produce dynamic entertaining products. 

Our goal is to provide a great service for those who are serious at making their dream a reality. We help you make it happen.

Our Mission is to assist authors who want their books professionally published, distributed and seek consultation for the book markets.