a CHOICE to yield

A Choice to Yield

by Lonz Cook

A woman transitions to follow her heart in spite of her best friends advice, “...stay with men who resemble your father.” When Angela meets Mark at a local book store, he strikes her interest with his mysterious demeanor and motivates her to explore dating outside of her comfort zone.

What Angela knows about men of color is a warning sign, but meeting Mark changes things.


5 Star: Lonz Cook Wonderful Writer! By Dawn Nicholson on March 31, 2014
Format: Paperback
Third times a charm! Loving Lonz Cook! I can't wait for the movie. This is a must read so many times we get caught up about perception and what we have heard about people. I say love see's no color and if you have interest in someone outside your race and you want to take a chance on love, do it! Lonz always makes the reader think about the "what if" and keeps them engaged wanting more as you read. Lonz is a writer that puts deep thought into what he's writing about and I believe that there is a touch of his own experiences in his writings. Thank you Mr. Cook for your wonderful reads. Now, please hurry up and publish the next one so I will have something else to read.