Foreign Threat

by Mitchell Goldstein

Foreign Threat takes Steve Carmichael, a young surgery intern, into the dark world of international espionage. What begins as a grueling surgery residency quickly turns dangerous as Steve is thrust into an adventure that will alter the course of his life forever. In the right place but at the wrong time, Steve is forced to take on a mysterious adventure to try and save himself. Will he make it out of this residency alive?
Foreign Threat is a medical espionage thriller with a touch of something different, winding a romance into the bigger picture of a young medical intern caught up in circumstances far greater than the professional circles he's training for. It's a winning pick for thriller readers looking for more personal touches than the typical Robin Cook-style read.

Steve always knew he'd be a doctor, just like his father. His experience as an intern leads him in the direction of becoming a surgeon, but a blossoming romance in his personal life may become his greatest accomplishment yet.

However, a clever foreign operative is at work behind the scenes, locating interns who badly need money and are less likely to ask questions about dubious ethics. Combine the egotistical residents Jake and Sally with the aspiring Steve and there are more than enough reasons why a would-be physician finds his career and morals going astray. 

Unlike Cook's thrillers, Mitch Goldstein's Foreign Threat centers as much upon rookie interns and their learning processes and relationships to one another as the evolving plot that targets them as possible partners in a wide-ranging collusion scheme. 

As Steve's relationship with Erica evolves, so do his talents in the medical field and a conundrum that involves Middle Eastern operatives on a deadly mission in the U.S. 

Readers might not anticipate the broader implication of Steve's growth process, but within the guise of an international spy story and a situation that immerses the medical community is the vivid tale of a young man's interactions with the CIA and a chance encounter with a foreigner that changes everything. The ordeal he faces involves payoffs, promises of a life in paradise, and ill-construed decisions that hold dark consequences for all. 

Replete with romance, individual and professional choices, and dark intrigue, Foreign Threat's deeper attention to evolving personal and professional relationships and moral and ethical challenges will delight readers who enjoy medical thrillers and international intrigue with more of focus on interpersonal relationships and romance than most; all centered around Steve Carmichael's challenging internship and a blossoming career that leads him on an unexpected journey alien to everything he's aspired to in his life.


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review