Good guys finish last

Good Guys Finish Last

by Lonz Cook

Simone and Sabrina, sisters with intelligible differences venture into the world of romance. Each finds themselves intertwined in capturing the heart and mind of the “Good Guy” without effort.
Simone, bouncing back from heartache, seems excited to swim in the river of Rodney’s romance. Sabrina is having fun without fear of emotions; unduly while Lorenz interns to become a doctor.
Romance with the thrill of every day encounters give good guys an enigmatic run for love.


5 Star: Good Guys Write Good Books By Regi Smith on July 17, 2012
Format: Paperback
This book was a great read. The author did a wonderful job developing the story lines and the characters. There were just enough twists that keep you interested and longing for more. The charaters are realistic, not over the top like in some books. The relationships are realistic and believeable. Great job, fan of Mr Cook's writing for sure!