Khafa the high priestess

Khafa The High Priestess

by Lory La Selva Paduano

A story of ancient Egyptian mystique with the thrill of Khemitian history. Anta, a direct descendant of the lost Dynasty, transports her granddaughter Elizabeth to a world of her ancestry. She tells the story of Khafa, a high priestess who defends the people against a hostile group of Egyptians and deals with two pharaohs who battles to take her hand, creating a triangle of adulation.   

The High Priestess is a page turning lesson of Egyptian history mixed with a radiance of romance. It dives into ancient times while showing the power and influence of a woman when a female’s stature equated to a man’s obsession.
5 Star: Ancient Egyptian Historical Fiction That Had Me Constantly Reading Until The End By Dawn Dolly Webb September 24, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The High Priestess is a bit of fantasy novel that will make you think. It's not your typical mindless read, but a beautifully written story that will completely transport you into an entirely different world and force you to think through the actions and intentions of the characters while you're there. Elizabeth Hawann is the granddaughter of her Grandmother "Anta". Grandma Anta is a direct ancestor of The Khemitians- and ancient group of people. Through a traditional story passed down from generation to generation, Grandma Anta transports her granddaughter, Elizabeth, to a world far from their own. A lost Dynesty where the story of a high priestess named Khafa takes place. Khafa, the high priestess, finds herself amidst a love royal love triangle- and while in a position of power, Khafa does everything she can to take down a group of Egyptian people who threaten the safety of those around them.

This book is intense and draws up its suspense perfectly. Everything builds and you're thrust through an array of twists and turns that have you gripping onto the pages, dying to know what happens next. There's drama, mystery, romance, and action. Everything in this book leads together in a weaving tale that you can never fully predict. I love reading books that take me through an adventure and throw me in directions I didn't assume I was going to be thrown in. This was one of those books. Brilliantly written in a way that had me constantly wanting to push forward in the story.

The book itself is even written in the unique way that it's a story being told by Grandma Anta and the theology behind it in relation to Khemitology was very fascinating.