when love evolves

When Love Evolves

by Lonz Cook

When Simone’s conniving husband Stefan is caught dealing with the Mafia, the world she knows is changed. She is left facing an investigation, murder, and revenge while striving to save a company she loved––a company she inherited from her late Aunt Marge. With the help of her sister Sabrina, they devise a plan to survive the turmoil, but not without recruiting Rodney, Simone's old flame, who was bouncing back from heartache. Rodney devises a dynamic plan to assist Simone and Sabrina while marketing a production campaign. Gail, a marketing associate who crosses paths with Rodney, joins his firm and they begin a relationship. When Simone's company’s trouble subsides, she sets out on the prowl for Rodney. She is desperate for the chance to rekindle their love. When Gail discovers Simone’s intentions, she battles for a man whom she aspires to marry. But who will win Rodney’s heart?


5 Star: More than a Romance By Jan Ratliff on March 17, 2014
Format: eBook
I just finished the digital version of this book. I must say I did love it. It is more than romance, it has love, drama, suspense and a bit of intrigue. It is insightful to how men think on certain things.You must read "Good Guys Finish Last" before you read this one and get a feel for the characters involved.I can't wait to read book three of this saga. Thumbs up to Lonz Cook on this book. I feel a best seller in on the way for this author.